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Public Relations
In a rapidly changing world, all kinds of organizations need help with communicating to the media, employees and the public. This includes private corporations, government and non-profit agencies, all of whom rely on trained public relations professionals to use communications strategy, tools and techniques to help build positive relationships with all of their stakeholders. The Public Relations Diploma Program has responded to this challenge by providing in-depth training for the next wave of public relations professionals. The PR Diploma program is distinguished not only for providing the technical expertise to successfully work in PR, but also the strategic thinking and communications management that will help graduates to succeed and advance quickly within organizations.
Public Relations Program graduates experience a high rate of employment in a variety of positions within the field. Examples of employment positions attained by recent graduates include Communications Manager, Media Relations Specialist, Special Events Coordinator, Information Officer, and Public Relations Consultant.


Diploma in public relations
Part 1

  1. Introduction to public relations
  2. International business communication
  3. Public relations planning and action
  4. Marketing
  5. Human resource management

Part 2

  1. Understanding publics
  2. Management theory and practice
  3. The context of public relations practice
  4. Advertising
  5. Project

A person who successfully completes part 1 will be awarded certificate in public relations

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