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Sociology is the study of the social part of us, the pattern of interaction with other people which is necessary to our very existence. Sociology has been described as \'the scientific study of human group behavior\' and \'the application of scientific methods of inquiry to the puzzles of social life.\' We all participate in any number of social groups, many of which overlap. Sociologists study how and why these groups interact with each other and how the interactions affect their members. Such analyses not only yield a clearer understanding of society and its components, but also allow sociologists to see both the causes and the possible remedies for our social problems.

Part I

  1. Introduction to sociology
  2. Sociology of the family
  3. Crime and deviance
  4. Gender and sexuality
  5. Health and illness (medical sociology)
  6. Cultural sociology
  7. Law and punishment
  8. Social change and development

Part II

  1. Development economics
  2. Population and demography
  3. Political sociology
  4. Socialization theory and process
  5. Social organization
  6. Social research methods
  7. Drugs, society and human behavior
  8. Social stratification
  9. Rural sociology
  10. Project
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