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In our communities, it is difficult for poor people to get access to justice. Admittedly legal procedures are complicated, take a long time and often needs lawyers who are in most cases very expensive.


The law provides for numerous rights in the constitution and other statutes. However the rights can only be exercised if people have access to the information and the assistance they require.


Community workers have been identified to be a good entry point as people who can act as legal advisors and educators for communities.



1. Paralegal Workers in the Community.
2. Practical skills necessary for a paralegal.
3. Introduction to law and sources of law .
4. HIV/AIDS and human rights violation .
5. Family Law .
6. Succession law and inheritance law
7. Law of trust.
8. Land law.
9. Crime and criminal procedure .
10. Civil procedure .
11. Children\'s rights.
12. Law of contract.
13. Law of tort .
14. Labour laws and relations.
15. Human rights .
16. Gender and Gender based violence.
17. Alternative dispute resolution

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